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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Summer Youth Group ideas?

Believe it or not - summer is RIGHT around the corner!

Several of you have asked if we can continue youth group over the summer. And we're going to, but it will look a little bit different...

Instead of meeting every week on Sundays, we're going to meet once a month on Wednesdays. We're calling summer youth group Wesley Wednesdays and instead of meeting at the church we'll do something fun together like a pool party or a cook-out.

What kinds of things do you want to do this summer?
Have a bonfire/cookout at someone's house?
Have a pool party?
Go on a day trip somewhere?
Have a softball game?

Any and every idea is great! You can email me your ideas or leave a comment here!


  1. I would like to suggest a softball game or ultimate frisbee. And of course, food is always an option.

    Since I work during the summer, migth I suggest something on the weekend so I can come and play!

  2. Never played Ultimate Frisbee - seems like fun though! What if we did it in the evenings? Can you come then?