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Friday, October 2, 2009

ASP updates!

This summer, the high school youth went to Mingo County, West Virginia on ASP. Here's what's going on with the families that they served.

Ruth Branham
Ruth and Scott live in a hollow with the rest of their family. They live in half of their house with only one room which triples as their kitchen, living room and bedroom. They use an outhouse for their bathroom and get their water from a spring. During their week at Ruth and Scott's home, the youth began to dig and fill the foundations for the piers to support the foundation. They also took measurements of the joists. Because of the support all those who helped on Ruth and Scott's house, ASP was able to double the size of the house they were living in. Instead of living in just a 12x24 section of their house, they are now living in the back half of their hosue we were able to finish. To give them the beginnings of a master bedroom and bathroom. They now no longer have to worry about their roof leaking or the siding on the house becoming rotten because it was unfinished.

Cinderella Howard
Cinderella is a very sweet elderly woman who is 86 years old and unable to move around without a wheelchair and the help of her daughter-in-law. Her family had built a wheelchair ramp, but the slope was so steep that Cinderella almost fell out of her chair every time she used it. While they were at her home, the youth set up the posts for the ramp and the porch framing for Cinderella. They removed the decking from her existing porch and revealed the problems under the door. Because of the youth's help, Cinderella will now be able to get out of her home without having to lean back in her wheelchair and try not to fall out.

Donna Canterbury
Donna was raising three grandkids in a run-down trailer next to where her house caught on fire a year ago. There were between 2 and 6 people living in this trailer at any given time. The fire ruined her basement where her two granddaughters slept and caused major damage to the first floor of the house. When the youth arrived her house was not habitable. During the week that the youth were at Donna's home, they replaced the basement floor, ran electrical wire through the room installing 5 outlets and a light. They then insulated and studded out the walks in preparation for finishing touches in the room. With all of the hard work and efforts of all the volunteers throughout the summer, the electricity was fully restored to Donna's house by the end of the eight weeks. Volunteers also finished two rooms for the family. Now instead of living in the run-down trailer next to their home, the family was able to move back into their house again.

Thanks to all of the youth who went to ASP!

On Sunday November 8 everyone who went on ASP will be gathering at the Stoltz's house for a reunion party. Bring your pictures from the trip. Girls bring chips, guys bring soda. The fun starts at 5:30! If you need more info or directions to the Stoltz's send an email to Sarah at

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